Second Parent Adoption

Some Tennessee Courts have begun to grant second parent adoptions for gay and lesbian families. In a Memphis second parent adoption, a child's legal parent consents to the child being adopted by her domestic partner or spouse, with the result that they will both be the legal parents of the child. Mackenzie is helping to lead the fight to get the courts in Shelby County to recognize the rights of same sex couples to legalize their families through second parent adoptions.


Prospective adoptive parents can expect to pay all court fees, the attorney's legal fees, and the related cost for the home study investigation, if one is ordered by the court. Your Tennessee adoption does not have to be a long, exhaustive process. With the help of a competent Memphis adoption lawyer, like Susan Mackenzie, you can grow your family with confidence. Contact Susan Mackenzie today for a consultation with this Shelby, Fayette and Tipton County second parent adoption lawyer.