Making the decision to end a marriage is often a difficult and painful one. Unfortunately, the challenges often don’t end at that. Finding an experienced Memphis divorce lawyer is essential to navigating the complex legal issues surrounding divorce during such emotionally trying times. From property disputes to child custody, West Tennessee divorce lawyer Susan Mackenzie has the expertise to handle your divorce case as quickly as possible, while protecting your unique interests.

Contested and Uncontested Divorces

Under Tennessee divorce law, a divorce is considered “uncontested” when both parties agree—or come to an agreement—on every item and issue related to the termination of their marriage. Although this is ideal, it is sometimes necessary to use legal action to protect your interests. In this case, a divorce is called “contested.”


Parenting Issues

When children are involved in divorce, it can have a dramatic impact. For adults involved, it is important to remain focused on what is best and least disturbing for the children.

Often, parents can agree on a parenting schedule. In most cases, judges will approve these plans. If the parties cannot agree on a parenting plan, this important decision will be handed over to the judge.


To determine a parenting plan, the judge will consider a number of factors, including: the character of the parent, including any history of physical or emotional abuse; the child’s preference; the mental and physical health of the parents; the emotional ties between parent and child and; the degree to which a parent has been the primary caregiver.


An experienced and conscientious Memphis custody lawyer like Susan Mackenzie can help ensure that you get the results your children need.


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