Child Support

While every divorce or break-up is different, one thing remains the same—if children are involved, they deserve to be taken care of. During a Tennessee divorce or break-up, financial circumstances can change dramatically and one parent may lack the ability to maintain the same level of care for their children.


The Tennessee child support system exists to ensure that children get the financial support that their parents can afford to give them. There are a number of alternatives that may be pursued, such as intercepting IRS tax refund checks, reporting to the credit bureau, intercepting unemployment benefits, and the denial of passport rights. Suspension of driver’s licenses and liens on property can also be used as an enforcement tool.


To help ensure payment of child support, the State of Tennessee can set up a wage garnishment, automatically drafting payments from the parent’s paychecks. This eliminates worry about sending and receiving payments on time for both parents.


Calculating Child Support

A number of variables exist to calculate a parent’s child support responsibilities, most importantly; parent’s income and time spent with the children. The formula is complex and extensive, but the State of Tennessee has provided this worksheet to help simplify child support calculation.


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